For Realtor’s


A normal 3 bedroom house will take about  2 hour to shoot and then 1-2 hours to process the photos. I will do my best to get the images to you within 24 hours. You will have more than enough images to fill TREND or MRIS. I try to shoot on sunny days, but this may not always be possible so I can do a sky replacement, so it is always sunny in your world. I will send reduced size images so you can immediately upload to the site you are using. If you want full size, that can be done also.

I charge $200.00 per house. This will vary based on travel time and the size of the property.

Full Disclosure. I am a real estate broker, so I have a key card. You would not be required to meet at the property. I will contact you to arrange a shoot time and to assure that the homeowner has sufficient notification to prep the house for a quality shoot. I am doing this because I feel that a quality photograph is one of the most important aspects of marketing a house.
I will give you the same effort and quality of work I do for myself or any of the agents in my office.

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