Here are a few comparison shots of real MLS photos. A point and shoot camera is convenient and many provide good quality pictures, but they do not permit taking the necessary wide angle shots to show a home’s best features, especially for smaller rooms.

Above are two examples of the differences in using a point and shoot camera vs. a DSLR with a wide angle lens.
The interior shot is with a Canon PowerShot S2 (A great point and shoot). I placed the PowerShot directly over my camera to try and get the best comparison. The exterior frame is my camera. You can see the difference in what the two lenses are able to see.

The photo above is a tough shot.  The house is back-lit by the sun for the entire day during the winter months.  What solved the problem for me is to wait until sunset.  The shot on the left was actually shot close to dark with a long exposure.  Moving to the left about 5 feet takes most of the tree out of the frame and changes the composition.


The photo above and the following photos all have similar issues.  Vertical lines, exposure, and composition. Architectural or Real Estate photos need the vertical lines to be vertical.  The shot on the right the camera was pointed slightly down so the vertical lines get skewed.  The fireplace is leaning to the left and the wall to the right is leaning to the right.  A camera isn’t smart enough to know what you are trying to capture.  The photo on the right is under exposed because the camera is reading quite a bit of light coming in from the windows.  To solve this, the picture needs to be shot in manual mode and properly exposed for the room.

The lighting in the above photos isn’t that bad, it just needs more of it.  It looks like the on camera flash was used.  You can see hot spots on the refrigerator and door on the right.  The problem is that little flash just isn’t a big enough light source for the whole room.  The main issue with this photo is composition.  Most of the time you don’t want to show three walls.  It makes rooms look smaller.  In this case the dining area leads to a nice screened in porch and you would never know it from the photo on the right.


This last photo has all three problems: verticals, exposure, and composition.  The camera needs to be perfectly level to keep the vertical lines straight.  It looks like this interior shot was done at night so this room would have been very dark.  The on camera flash was used which you can see reflected in the window.  Two of the problems can be fixed with a tripod.  You can get the camera perfectly level which will fix the verticals and shoot a longer exposure which will let more light into the camera.   The last issue can be fixed with a wider lens and turning the camera to the left.  This is a small room.  By showing three walls it makes it look even smaller.



Below are some more recent comparisons.  The ones on the left are my shots and the ones on the right were taken from the MLS from when the home was listed before.  If you click on the photos they will enlarge.